Monday, June 28, 2010

She's Got A Ticket 2 Ride...

If you havent visited blog She's Got A Ticket 2 Ride you need to! I was lucky enough to interview blogger Audrey Jasso from SGAT2R and found out what her must haves are and what Lady Gaga has taught her. Audrey better known as Audrey J on Chictopia, has a style all her own and she loves mixing it up. Her photography (which she does herself) is also reflective of her unique sense of style. I looooove it! This girl is truly talented! Here is some of the questions I asked her...

1. First off, I'm dying to know where do you get the inspiration for your outifts?

Mmm, I think inspiration comes from everything, from a single emotion or feeling to a magazine advertisement. But it mostly became from myself, you know what I am feeling when I'm thinking what to dress is what I try to say in my outfit. And of course the world wide web and bloggers are a huge inspiration source for me now.

2. What are your favorite brands and stores to shop in... and must haves?

It might sound really repetitive, but forever 21 it's definetly one, mostly because it's what I can afford via online or when I go shopping. I also like Rue 21 and A'gaci (which are the only stores that have more girls clothes here in Eagle Pass). And from designer clothes I love Vivienne Westwood designs, wish I could afford.

Must have items for me are a flowy floral dress, relaxed skirts, and rompers, but also a cute top that goes well with everything. For example a white top with a cute detail such as a bow or shoulder pads.

3. Your photography is great and has that vintage quality to them. Do you do all of your blog photos yourself or are you lucky enough to have someone help you?

First of all, thanks for the compliment. But oh wish I was lucky enough to have someone to help me, even if it wasn't a boyfriend, but a friend or family. Since I entered college I've had to take pictures of me all by my self, first with some solid surfaces where I can put the camera, then i found a tripod and now it's what helps me. Sometimes when I don't feel shy, I'll ask a stranger or if my mom is with me, I'll ask her. It's hard to take good pics all by yourself, especially for full body shots, but then you find the way.

4. What has been the toughest and most fullfiling part of blogging for you?

The toughest? Excellent question. I guess it's is the start. When you do your first post nobody comments and you're like "oh, my life/style/photography is so boring and ugly that nobody wants to look at it" or something like that. Especially when you compare the start of your blog with blogs like Tieka, Delightfully Tacky, Sea of Shoes etc. But then you realize that good things take time.

The fullfiling part is that you feel good with yourself as the time goes by, your confidence grows at a point that you stop thinking on what others may think about your fashion sense, and feel more free to do whatever you want with you clothes. And theres, of course, friendship, you find really good people that likes the same things, just like you.

5. Any lessons learned from the amazing Lady Gaga?

Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger. Lol, just kidding (apart from that) I think that I've learned from her to not give a damn (it might sound rude) about what others say or think of how you are, what you're like and how you dress. Just do it for yourself and if someone else likes too, cool but if not don't take it too seriously.

6. Who is the ultimate fashion icon?

Mmm, beside of GaGa (who's a fashion icon, but is hard to follow) i think it could be ChloƩ Sevigny maybe? Oh, this is difficult to me, I've been away for a couple months. I like her style.

Remember check out Audrey's blog here! Thanks Audrey! xoxo


Audrey J. said...

Oh this is so good! Thanks to you Laura, you're amazing. We should do a themed post together!! Good vibes!!

joninel said...

nice interview :D


Going to visit her blog =)


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Fashion By He said...

great pictures

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Jesa said...

Really lovely blog :)

So, SO, pretty!

Cheers, Jesa

Anna G said...

I adore this girl. She has such amazing taste.

Veronique Spenser said...

I already know her and love your style!

Veronique Spenser said...

and thanks for add me in your blog rol! I'll do that too :)