Saturday, June 12, 2010

heart...Danny Roberts

I have missed being a part of the blogging world these past months! Now I'm back yay! There have been so many new opportunities and adventures that I have been having a wonderful time
becoming a part of, including becoming a Marketing and Public Relations intern for up and coming fashion brand Mobius Lounge. So many amazing things to come so stay tuned!

Now on to the shirt! Even though I haven't been on the blogosphere in a while I'm sure everyone has seen these limited edition collection designed by Danny Roberts available at Forever 21. The shirt that I could not resist buying features Pandora Blogger, Louise Ebel. Looking at Forever 21 I couldnt NOT buy this shirt, it was calling my name everytime I passed right by it!

And... you can also Follow my blog with bloglovin <3


Emilie Delance said...

Yay welcome back <3 oh love the shirt! :D

Audrey J. said...

Totally happy of your comebacking xD if that word exists... And i really heart this look, gorgeeeeeeous feather hairband!

mon journal pas très intime said...

lovely outfit :)