Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daydreaming of...

They Are But One Necklace- Kahlil Gibran Collection

Dreams' Projections Earings- Walt Whitman Collection

Celestial Bodies Necklace- Intuition Collection

Sacred Images Earings- Ancient Architects Collection

The Spirits Dance Earings- Indian Legend Collection

Hey all! I stumbled upon AK Vintage Jewelry, while doing a project for school. Once I saw their work I was instantly reeled in. Based in Portland and designed by Anna Korte, each collection is inspired by nature, literature and the story behind the vintage pieces being used. What makes AK Vintage so different from any other jewelry line I have come across, is that each piece is one of a kind, made of a mixture of vintage pieces and recycled leather. My favorite is the Sacred Images earings!
You can purchase AK Vintage on their website or at any of these awesome stores...Wasteland (LA, Santa Monica and San Francisco), Zschoche (Newport Beach) and Fred Segal (Santa Monica).


Katie said...

mmmm i love these- so beautiful!

Audrey J. said...

I LOVE/HATE day dreaming, 'cus i dream too much and i can have too little! Love 'dreams projections' earrings!

C said...

those feather earrings are lovely!