Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview with Cate Adair, Costume Designer for Desperate Housewives

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Cate Adair, the Emmy nominated costume designer for ABC's hit show Desperate Housewives. Cate is teaming up with Chamilia jewlery for their "Celebrate Personal Style" tour. The event will be highlighting Chamilia's Be The Match jewelry collection. Be The Match is a non-profit organization that helps save lives by matching individual patients that need a marrow transplant with unrelated donors through its marrow registry. The "Celebrate Personal Style" events will be featured in four cities across the country with one here in the Los Angeles area. Guests at the event will have a wonderful time expressing their personal style, while they create their own one of a kind Chamilia jewelry and support Be The Match. Ten-percent of all Chamilia sales at the "Celebrate Personal Style" events will be donated to the Be The Match. The Los Angeles event will be held November 6th at Bungalow Bay 6457 E. Pacific Highway in Long Beach. The event will be held between 11am and 4pm. Come meet Cate, create a special and unique Chamilia jewelry piece and support the individuals behind Be The Match.

Here is a little peek into my interview with Cate. I had a great time talking to Cate, hearing her advice and finding out what is the most rewarding part of her job.

I asked Cate if she had always known she wanted to become a costume designer and she told me she was always passionate about fashion and about different time periods and places. Growing up in London, she was always around fabrics and while shopping at fabric stores she felt she was in a magical world. Cate studied at an art school in Britan and got her Bachelor of Arts in Costume Design.

Cate is Emmy nominated for her astonishing work on Desperate Housewives, she never expected to be so highly acclaimed. Cate feels is is an amazing yet humbling experience and says that it is always a challenge to find how to adapt the latest fashion to the women on Wisteria Lane.

I asked Cate what her advice would be to those breaking into the industry. She responded by saying that you should never give up and not to expect that success will happen overnight. Cate also said that young people starting out in the industry should never be too proud to do a certain job. When Cate was just stepping into the industry she worked many jobs including those that were lower paying and that seemed they were menial jobs. Even though she didn't think these jobs were the most glamorous, they were definitely ones that she learned from and got the most experience out of.

Cate feels that the most suprising gift she has gotten out of her success is that she has a platform to reach out and give back. Teaming up with Chamilia and Be the Match was the right choice for Cate. What Cate loves most about Chamilia is that it is a line that you can play with and mix and match. Cate feels each bracelet tells a story and brings back memories for the woman who is wearing it.

Make sure to visit Chamilia's website for more details on their "Celebrate Personal Style" Tour. Also, visit Be the Match to learn more about registering to be a bone marrow donor.

Can't wait to show you guys my Chamilia bracelet and how I wear it!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Downtown, everything's waiting for you...

What I'm Wearing...
Heritage 1981 Medium Wash Denim Jacket, Short Sleeve Floral Romper, Thrifted belt, Forever 21 Accessories
Hey guys! Hope everyone checked out my last post where I featured one of my favorite online vintage stores, Supadupa Vintage. If you haven't make sure you do! I have been keeping busy and I just recently started working with a super awesome stylist based in Orange County. I have been assisting her on her blog, which I hope to share with you soon. Here is one of my older outfits that got lost in the chaos of my computer.
I got this floral romper at the fashion district in DT Los Angeles. If you have never been and you live in Southern California and love fashion, you HAVE to go! Even with the insane crowds as you make your way through Santee Alley, the loud blarring of cars honking as they drive past you crossing the street and the hunt for the most inexpensive yet, walking distance friendly parking, this is one of my favorite places to be in the heart of LA. Just a couple weeks ago, I visited the fashion district when I was searching for some fabrics at Ragfinders (the place has rooms upon rooms full of fabrics, love the lace section!). The fashion district is where you can find it all... Need fabric? Check. What about some trendy fashion boutiques nestled off Olympic Blvd? Check! I love going there for the adventure and the feeling of being in the middle of the greatest cities in Southern CA.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Supadupa... You bet!

Supadupa Vintage

Take a journey to Supadupa Vintage's new online shop. STVTG has launched their long awaited website! Tatiana Bolanos is the founder of Supadupa Vintage and the designer for the Supadupa collection. Tatiana simply says about Supadupa, "Our Vintage clothing is hand selected to bring you the best styles and best quality clothing in which SDVTG gives it a personality beyond what modern clothing could dream of recreating."
I was so excited to get to see all their vintage pieces along with STVTG's own collection that includes vintage shredded tees, sweatshirts and scarves! Supadupa also carries your favorite brands... Hardcouture, OOAK, Rap! and LAMIXX. Supadupa had their start selling at flea markets and as an Ebay shop, (where I first fell in love) and look at them now! Celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Kat Von D also love Supadupa, check these gals out here in STVG's collection of Shreddies. The STVTG collection features "One of a kind items with shredding made by hand with recycled tees" says Tatiana.

Make sure to stop by SDVTG's online shop, everything is sure to go out fast. Want more of Supadupa? Check out their blog!