Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black and Blue...and Brown

Boots, belt and blazer: Target Dress, leggings, necklace: Forever 21

So today was a nice day outside I hear, too bad I was at work the entire day. I have been working with the visual merchandisers for a couple of weeks now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I was feeling a like a little bookworm today but with an equestrian flair. I feel like spending an entire day at the library with my head in a book... or a Vouge.


mel said...

love the way you put the outfit together, looks awesome;)

Nina said...

Black, blue, and brown work perfectly when you do it!

Aney, said...

Love the layering dear - esp. the brown boots and blazer!!

Tee said...

At first I almost passed over this outfit, but I stopped because I noticed the styling. Love the belted longer top underneath the blazer! Good thinking :)