Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough

What I'm Wearing...
Denim Jacket Heritage 1981, Skirt Forever 21, Belt thrifted,Necklace H&M,
Ring Forever 21, Knee Highs Target, Flats Urban Outfitters
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When I first bought this skirt I was kinda hesitant in wearing it...being skin tight and all. Especially wearing it without tights because we all know I have tights in all prints, colors and textures, so I felt like I was betraying my favorite pair of tights when I put on these knee high socks. They have become my favorite though! Goodbye tights, Hello knee highs, at least for summer!


DIANA DYE said...

I love stripes I really do…..they have a French vive which makes me think of amazing classy fashion Icons…………….

Your outfit its just fantastic it has a classic vive but its soooooo modern and definitely chic material just amazing!♥

You rock!!……………and have a brilliant style♥

Thanks for visiting♥

minnja said...

Wonderful outfit, I love the stripes!!!

Ines said...

Love your skirt

Phoebe Rose said...

Such a cute jacket! And the F21 ring!! I love that ring, I was going to order it online but the delivery to the UK is so much :( it's lovely!

Nicole said...

This outfit is lovely, I love how you styled your knee socks! :)
I bought a pair of over the knees recently, and I've been too tentative to wear them!

Audrey J. said...

You did a great combo here! Love the skirt and that socks ♥. Missed your outfit pics!