Monday, January 4, 2010

Tonight Were Dancing Like No Tomorrow

Woven floral shirt dress: Target, Jeans, Scarf, Shoes: Forever 21
Love this song! Plastiscines = Awesome! Its Monday... Sigh, this means next week Im back to having no life whatsoever (I say that like I really do anyway). Back to school which I don't mind really I never thought I'd love going to school, minus finals and midterms week. I found this top this weekend while checking if any of the Rodarde stuff was still in stock in my size...nope sadly. But I love this top! The print looks floral without actually being floral. Hope everyone had a happy Monday, andddd Happy New Year:)


Stephanie said...

Lovely top! I like your glasses too!


laura fay said...

I wish beanies suited me this well! I love the florals (and your rings!) :) x

Thanks for your lovely comment :)

kerosene and lux said...

are those shoes really f21? so cute!

Ljubica said...

really love that dress.. it looks so great paired with jeans like you have it! you have a very cool style

Dannie said...

loooving this soft floral look, the accesories really pull it together and im adorign the romnatic feel!